Interview Preparation Advice from Collins & Associates Recruitment Agency

It’s incredibly important to be prepared for your interview. Even with the right skills, qualifications, and background a candidate must present themselves well to employers in order to be considered for the position.

Prior to the Meeting

  • Review the key responsibilities of the job. Know the short-term company objectives.
  • Review client website.
  • Make a list of questions.
  • How can I have an immediate impact?
  • Where can the position lead to for an above average performer?
  • What are the Company’s short and long-term objectives?
  • Wear conservative clothing.
  • Bring copies of resume and light briefcase or portfolio.

Actual Meeting

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Go in five minutes early.
  • Greet interviewers by name.
  • Make good, but not constant, eye contact.
  • Be “up” and enthusiastic.
  • Know your resume – don’t read from it.
  • Cite specific examples from your career that will benefit the company.
  • Ask your questions.
  • Do not discuss money, benefit or any matters of convenience.
  • Remember to send thank you note.