Finding Talent in the Manufacturing Industry

At Collins & Associates in Grand Rapids, we have established ourselves as a preferred talent source for many leading companies in the manufacturing and automotive industries, encompassing: Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial Vehicle, and Consumer Goods.

We have helped our clients locate and hire talented professionals in operations, engineering, program management, product development, quality, finance, and all other technical areas relating to the manufacturing industry.

The relationship we have with our client companies allow us to work at many levels within their organizations. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry provides a strong understanding of our clients’ competitive landscape and allows us to source candidates that can make an immediate impact. We match the skills and abilities of talented professionals with our clients’ needs. Our extensive contact network enables us to operate at all levels with within an organization and fill positions from entry level to senior management.

Our dedication to professionalism and our industry experience, give us the ability to manage a search for a single position, staff an entire department, or fill multiple positions within various disciplines or locations for our clients.

The geographic scope of our market spans the entire nation based on our clients’ locations and needs. The majority of our Clients are in the Eastern and Central time zones based on the manufacturing footprint of the industries in which we specialize. Over the years we have developed a substantial network of contacts that allow us to surface the right type of individual, in a specific location in a timely manner.