Our Executive Search Firm Finds Ideal Candidates for Your Employment Opportunities

Through our proven search process and vast network of contacts, we provide employers with the best candidates from our hidden talent pool.

Marketing Action Plan

Based on our discussions, I will develop a sales presentation about your firm. This presentation will be discretely presented to potential candidates.


Your employment needs will be attended to by all of the recruiting staff at Collins & Associates Executive Search. While I will be your personal contact within our firm, all recruiting staff will know of your employment needs and will be actively seeking viable candidates.

Target Passive Candidates

I will present to you the top 20 percent of the viable talent in the current market based on the requirements set forth by your company.

Personal Screen Analysis

All viable candidates must pass an initial telephone interview screening that I will conduct. During my phone interview I will make sure the information on the resume is factual and the candidate can do the job as it is described. In addition, I will screen the candidates based on:

  • Financial Analysis
    Each candidate will be previewed on your desired salary range and give their “bottom line” figure.
  • Educational Verification
    Our firm will personally verify all educational and licensing information provided by candidates.
  • Reference Service
    All references provided by candidates will be contacted and supplied in writing, as needed.
  • Motivation Screen
    I will probe the reason why the candidate is making a career change – i.e., opportunity, advancement, etc.
  • Corporate Culture
    Each potential candidate will be evaluated on corporate perspective/personality levels to ascertain the best “fit” in your corporate climate.
  • Start Date
    I will have each person committed to a two week start date, after acceptance. I will consult each candidate on counter offer and resignation and have each candidate bottom-lined on an offer should be forth coming.

Localization of Resources

Initially, I will concentrate my procurement efforts at the local level as a cost savings measure.

Relocation Assistance

I will cover relocation if candidate requires a move and assist with demographic info, realtors, etc.

Progress Report Structure

If necessary, daily progress reports will be provided to you. These reports will include the number of calls made, the number of viable contacts, and current progress on candidate selection.

Presentation of Candidates and Interviewing

After qualified talent has been located and screened, I will contact you and present their background to you. Their information will be forwarded to you as well, so we can set up the interview. I will debrief the candidate, yourself, and the hiring manager after the interview, and help facilitate the next phase.

Offer Extension and Acceptance

After the final step of interviewing, I will have secured the candidate’s interest and “bottom line” figures for salary, vacation, etc., I will assist you in forming an acceptable offer, and will act as your agent in extending the verbal offer to the candidate. I will also guide the candidate through the resignation and counsel on counteroffer awareness.

Professional Service

As a member of Collins & Associates Executive Search, I will operate with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.