Recruiting Services from Collins & Associates Executive Search

When we accept an assignment on behalf of a client, our commitment to professionalism and discretion is extended to that project.

We will take time to become informed with regard to the requirements and responsibilities of the position, as well as to the type of individual that will be successful in that role. We will also familiarize ourselves with the strategic initiatives of our clients and to that of the position, so we can provide the best candidate possible to fill the role.

To begin our search, we will contact as many people necessary to provide adequate coverage of the market. Typically, we will generate interest in one-third of the people we speak with. Due to the fact that some of these individuals will not fit the opportunity profile, we will interview all candidates. They will be pre-screened for the position based on background requirements, ability to perform the job, sincerity and willingness to make a career change, and affordability. We then counsel the candidates on making a career change and counteroffers. We also check references and verify education when needed.

We will present our clients with the top two or three candidates we have discovered. Our clients understand that when we present a candidate to them, they have been pre-qualified, they fit the job requirements, and they are ready to make a career change. All the hiring manager has to do is interview the candidates and pick the best individual for the opportunity. At this point, we will facilitate the rest of the process, including follow-up with the candidate for the first few months in the position to ensure a smooth transition.

Our clients do not have to review resumes, wonder if the information is factual, or if the person is a fit for their company. That is what we do. So, our clients find the best-suited individual for the job with the least amount of time and effort on their part.